YouTube Video of the Hog’s Back!

Okay, one of the more famous stretches on this course is known as the Hog’s Back. It is a stretch of Highway 12 that has drop-offs on both sides of the road. The road is it’s normal width, but let’s just say there really isn’t an option to “pull over.” As a local kid who grew up in the area I have friends who would ride the school bus from Boulder to Escalante 5 days a week. The bus driver, who is about as good of man as you can find, would drive this road two times a day (the regular school schedule and a late schedule for kids involved in after school activities). He’s driving this stretch for over 20 years. I have heard stories of this bus driver having to get out of the bus on the Hog’s Back to help drive a tourists car across this section because they were too afraid to do so themselves. I’ll bet he has a few more stories to tell beyond that one. It’d be awesome to hear some more.

There are a couple of pull outs that offer truly spectacular views. It is an experience of its own just driving Utah’s highway 12. Can you imagine running a marathon along this inspiring stretch of road. Well don’t imagine anymore. Sign up today to run the Escalante Canyons Marathon and bring the family to take in the sites.

Here is a random video I found on YouTube that offers kind of a fun perspective on the Hog’s Back: click here for video

The Hog’s Back is about 2/3’s into the video.