We are honored to report that this year we’re holding the Escalante Canyons Marathon races in concert with the inaugural Escalante Heritage Days.  What this means for our runners and families and friends is that the pre-race dinner and registration will be combined with Heritage Days events at Escalante City Park, and there will be more events to participate in on both pre-race and race day.  As importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to get a taste of our local history and culture along with soaking in the landscape.

A personal note:  When I moved here in 2009 after almost 30 years of living in Boston, I wasn’t sure how I’d fit in to this small southern Utah town.  I immediately discovered that this is one of the most open-hearted communities I could have hoped for, and I also learned about the pre-history, pre-pioneer history, and pioneer history of this amazing region.  Heritage Days will celebrate, with fun and games, the Escalante community.

I’m not a blog expert, and having spent too much time just now trying to post the Escalante Heritage Days flyer, I’m now resorting to sharing its content sans graphics.  Here’s the deal:

On pre-race day, from 4-10 pm, Heritage Days will be offering:

  • Food (including a pre-race dinner)
  • Games
  • Crafts booths
  • Yoga sessions at 5 and 7 pm
  • Live music

On race day, Heritage Days will offer:

  • A 10 am yoga session
  • More food
  • Booths and games

We’re very excited about sharing this day with running folks from near and far!  More details to follow, especially regarding packet pickup details.  I’ll also get a more tech-savvy person to help with posting the Heritage Days flyer on this site in the next day or so.