The town of Escalante and the committee members of the Escalante Canyons Marathon would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the volunteers who contribute hours of there own time, to the local businesses who have donated funding or services, to the Garfield County Sherriff’s department for their donated time to help make this event safe, to the EMT’s and local healthcare officials who are on standby to help where needed, to the Garfield County Commissioners / Office of Tourism whose strong support helps support this wonderful event, and lastly we express our gratitude to you our runners. Thank you for coming to enjoy this beautiful part of the country that many of us call home. The Escalante Canyons Marathon is truly a race like no other that will take your breath away. Not just because you are running, but because the majestic landscape is so stunning it makes this race an experience to remember.

We wish to recognize those organizations and individuals who have helped make these races a success.