On this glorious Sunday in Escalante Canyons country, we’re hoping that those of you who will be joining us next weekend will be lucky enough to likewise enjoy the very best of fall here.  Each year we fret about whether the fall colors will be at their peak, whether we’ll have a major storm, whether the weather will cooperate, and we keep our fingers crossed.

So far, forecasts are great!  We anticipate a sunny week ahead, with cooler temperatures but clear skies next weekend.  This is good not only for  our racers, but maybe even more so for our volunteers, who won’t be working off as much body heat as those of you in constant movement.

The first time we held this race, six years ago, it rained up until race day, then the night before it snowed in the higher elevations.  Race day, we all agree, was one of the most beautiful mornings ever witnessed around here.  The sun came out, the skies were full of that after-storm clarity and freshness, and the early snow in the distance was icing for the race experience.

One thing about this place, one of its great hidden treasures:  the weather is almost always wonderful.  Sure, we get some extremes in the middle of summer and winter, but our extremes are always tolerable, moderated by the low humidity and the shelter of such a variable topography.  Of course, as we all experience more extreme weather events, the Escalante Canyons are not immune, particularly in terms of flash floods, but at this time of year, well, it’s pretty much all good!

One other thought:  There are very few places on earth that you’ll experience the pure, clear air of this region.  We’re trying to hold onto that, and to our dark skies.  When you come to run next weekend, soak in this environment.  It’s stark, our communities are isolated, it’s a long way to cultural amenities like movie theaters and big-box stores, but it can’t be beat in terms of peace, a certain type of beauty, and joy.

Enjoy your time here, dear runners and families and friends!